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Online Registration button will be active April 1st. Teams fill up quickly so register early to secure a spot with the Palm City Dolphins Youth Football & Cheer program.

2019 Registration Info: 

  • Registration Fees for Football and Cheer is $225.00 per child 
  • Family Discount: $180.00 for each additional child in family
  • Online registration payment plan:  25% deposit down, 50% on May 20th, and remaining balance due on June 20th. 
  • Registration will continue for the 2019 season until June 1st. Teams will be determined and acceptance of additional registration after June 1st will be based on open spots on each team roster.
  • Late Registration: Registration after June 1st will be charged $25.00 late fee. 
  • Registration includes 10 weeks of football and cheer (2 weeks of conditioning and 8 weeks of games). Playoff games and advancement in cheer competitions are after the 10 weeks.
  • Cheer registration fee includes: Practice uniform participant keeps, cheer uniform. Shoes. bloomers and bows will need to be purchased at uniform fittings in mid-July.
  • Football registration fee includes: Practice jersey participant keeps, game day jersey and pants, 7 piece pad set, shoulder pads, helmet, chin strap and mouthpiece. Practice pants with built in pads and cleats will need to be purchased. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact

Help With Choosing the Proper Division

Before registering your child for football, please take a moment to follow these steps:

1) Check the Age Matrix below and this will help you determine which division your child should play.

2) Be ready and able to supply all required paperwork from the Forms & Handout’s Tab via email to

It is generally accepted and a practice of PCYF&C to encourage kids to play in a division that will give them the most opportunity for success. This usually means playing at the lowest possible level for their age. The Pop Warner divisions of play are listed below:








5, 6

7, 8

9, 10

11, 12

13, 14

Note:  Your child must be placed in the proper division before they can begin practice on 8/1. Whatever your child’s age is 7/31/2019 will determine their league age.  For example if your child’s birthday is August 1, 2008, then your child may be 11, however they still fall into league age 10, therefore would be placed on the 10U team.

Palm City Youth Football & Cheer Board will verify your child’s identity with the picture provided. After you child’s identity is certified by the board and volunteers, they will be placed on the proper division team.  Each child must be verified and placed on a team in the proper division prior to 8/1 to begin practice for the 2019 season.  This means all paperwork must be turned in before the certification and equipment handout.

Don’t Forget Your Physical!
You’re child will need a physical before participating in Pop Warner football or cheer. Please use the “2019 Player Physical Form” located under the Forms and Handouts Tab.

Sign your child up for Football or Cheer today!REGISTER NOW